The Best Snapchat Filters

Most teenagers and even adults nowadays have their own snapchat accounts. Just like Facebook, Snapchat is used to connect with new people. An advantage of Snapchat to Facebook is that it offers lots of filters, enabling you to change your physical features while recording a video or taking a selfie.

According to Men’s Inquirer, Snapchat is second to Instagram as the most used social media platforms by people around the world. With the Snapchat filters, you can change your face to hint nicer, cool, or weird. But, take note that you are beautiful with or without these filters.

If you are wondering about the best Snapchat filters you can use for taking pictures, then you’re at the right place. We are going to provide you with the best filters on Snapchat that you can try on your mobile phone. We’re so excited to share it with you! So, without any ado, let’s get started!

VHS by Snapchat

Retro is always in. Since some Snapchat users don’t know what VHS means, well, it is a type of an old-fashioned filter that suits anyone. With this filter, you can feel as if you are alive during the time of your mother and father. It features the tearing glitch, just like what you see on any old-fashioned tapes.

Lion by Snapchat

Some Snapchat filters will cover up your face with a new image. Well, the Lion filter by snapchat enables you to capture yourself with a half-human and half-lion theme. Depending on your animalistic mood, drag the lion filter border to your right or left side, and hit that click button!

Lip Freckles by Snapchat

Lips Freckles filter helps you to show to the world how much love you are feeling right now. Unlike the natural freckles that look like brown dots on your face, this filter adds some layer of lip-print designs around your cheeks and eyes. You can use this filter for spreading or sending your love to someone far away from you.

Old by Snapchat

Do you want to know how you would look like if you reach your 40s or 50s? Well, Snapchat brings you the perfect Old filter. Using the said filter will change your hair from black to frightful grey while ravaging your whole face. This filter is the opposite of the other beautifying filters offered by Snapchat. Try it to know how cute you will be when you get old.

Neon Horns by Snapchat

This Snapchat filter beats the charisma of a black and white filter. Using this filter gives you a black and white background and a pair of neon-colored horns. When using this filter, we recommend you to opt for pink-colored horns to show an electric touch vibe which you can view a ton of examples on Teen Usernames.  You can change the horns’ colors from pink to light blue, orange, magenta, lime green, and plain white.

Fashion Sunglasses by Snapchat

Do you want to show off how masculine you are? Do …

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Why Some Grown-Ups Have Doll Fetishes

Researchers are trying to consider whether or not having a mental disorder is related to people who feel fetish when they see something that’s not meant to arouse their sexual needs. Some people might be living a lifestyle, enabling them to have an interest in something erotic, which includes BDSM (bondage, Dominance, Submission, and Sadomasochism). If you don’t know these things, try to watch the “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

According to Free Meet n Fuck, individuals who develop sexual fetishes by looking at something nude, like dolls, mannequins, and statues, are considered to be agalmatophilia. It also has something to do with “object sexuality” which includes those persons who develop romantic and/or emotional attachments to any animated structures or objects.

This behavior can cause the person to be sexually aroused by imagining himself or herself being a body-shaped object, the sexual act or fantasy with a thought of having a sexual intercourse between themselves and the body-shaped objects, and/or performing actual sexual intercourse between them and the object.

What Causes the Grown-Ups to have Doll Fetishes?

According to research, one of the closest reasons some grown-ups are developing doll fetishes is because of their early sexual experience.

Early sexual intercourse around or during puberty is one of the main reasons why anyone can develop fetishes on something, such as the dolls. When a person started to get obsessed with the nude structures or pictures of a doll, or anything similar at an early age, it can lead to agalmatophilia.

When Your Doll Fetishes Become a Problem

When a person developed an interest in any sexually-related objects – even those that are not, how they are going to satisfy their desires will determine if their behavior is healthy for them or not.

According to the experts, many grown-ups with doll fetishes stay silent and do nothing. On the other hand, others tend to watch pornography that shows their imaginations and interests. Some might develop compulsive usage that is uncontrollable, but this is very rare. Aside from that, other people will look for their potential partners that have the same interest as them.

According to the research made by the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, most individuals who have this kind of sexual interest usually don’t have a mental illness. Researchers claimed that in order for the person with this interest to be diagnosed with a paraphilic disorder, a person should show the following signs;

  • Have a sexual behavior or desire that causes another party to experience death, injury, or psychological distress.
  • Experience personal distressed realizing that their interests are not normal or maybe because of the society’s disapproval.


A person might develop sexual fetishes on something, like dolls and structures, because of their experience. Sexual experiences can affect a person psychologically and/or physically. As a person starts to link their experiences or an object with sexual arousal, that’s the time when an individual starts to develop fetishes.

Take note that fetishes are not related to …

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Barbie Dolls: The History Of The Iconic Dolls

Barbies are iconic doll that has been around for decades. They continue to be popular because of their versatile nature and affordable price tag.  Barbies are one of the most popular toy lines of all time. But how did they come to be? And what can you do to make your Barbie collection even more complete?

The History of Barbies

Barbies were originally created in the 1950s by Ruth Handler, the wife of Mattel founder, Harry Jenkins. Barbie was originally designed as a fashion doll, but she quickly became known for her role in promoting wholesome living and female independence. In 1959, Barbie became the first toy to be featured on an American television show – The New Adventures of Spinny the Fuzzy Wabbit.

Today, Barbie is one of the world’s most popular toy lines(not just that, you can also use them as a Snapchat filter nowadays). She continues to be popular because of her versatile nature and affordable price tag. There are dozens of different Barbies available in stores today, from traditional dolls to movie and TV characters. In this section, we’ll explore the history of Barbie dolls and see how they’ve evolved over the years.

How Barbies Became Popular

Barbies became popular in the 1960s and 1970s due to their role in promoting wholesome living and female independence. Barbie was featured on American television shows such as The New Adventures of Spinny the Fuzzy Wabbit, which helped to promote her popularity.

The Different Types of Barbies

There have been a number of different types of Barbies over the years, each with its own unique story. Here are just a few:

The Classic Barbie Introduced in 1959, the classic Barbie was originally designed as a toy for girls. She came with her own house, car, and accessories, and quickly became one of the most popular dolls in history.

The Fashion Barbie Released in 1992, the Fashion Barbie was designed to represent various fashion trends of the time. She came with a variety of outfits and accessories and quickly became one of the most popular dolls on the market.

How to Care for a Barbie Doll

To keep your Barbie doll in good condition especially if you have doll fetishes, follow these simple tips:

-Wash your Barbie doll regularly using warm water and mild soap.

-Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to clean your Barbie doll, as this could damage her finish.

-Check for any cracks or holes in the plastic body of the doll, and fill them if necessary with hot glue or silicone sealant.


Barbies are a beloved toy line with a rich history. Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or start it from scratch, there are plenty of ways to do it. Happy hunting! …

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Barbie and Ken as a Love Team

They’re one of the most iconic couples in pop culture, so I had to include a Barbie and Ken love story in this list. Barbie and Ken are the perfect couples. They’re both gorgeous, they both have wonderful careers, they even get along well with each other’s kids. And it all started in 1959 when Barbie was introduced to the world. Barbie was an instant hit. Ken was not.

Ken and Barbie have always been a popular pair, having starred in the original movie in 1959. Since then, they have combined to make countless cartoons, games, dolls, and other toys. Now, some fans want to bring the two together in a romance.

If you’ve ever looked at a picture of Barbie and Ken and wondered how they ever managed to fall in love, then you’re in the right place. While the romance between Barbie and Ken might seem improbable, it’s actually a very interesting story.

Barbie and Ken have been rebels since the day they met. Ken was a man who didn’t want to get married, and Barbie was a woman who wasn’t interested in Ken’s kind of life. Their relationship survived the ebb and flow of their careers, but their love for each other never wavered. Ken was the strong guy who always came through for Barbie, and Barbie was the woman who always encouraged Ken to find his own voice.

Ken and Barbie have always held a special place in the hearts of millions of children worldwide. It’s hard to explain how adorable and endearing the pair are. Their love story is one of the most popular and iconic tales in pop culture and has been used to sell toys, merchandise, clothing, and even books for over 50 years. Barbie and Ken are not just a couple of dolls, but a pop culture icon that is constantly being referenced in popular culture.…

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The History of Play Dolls

Every one of us probably had owned a doll during our childhood days. But do you know when play dolls started? If not, this article is for you. We will explain the history of play dolls thoroughly and briefly. So, please keep reading to know more about it.

A doll refers to a structure of a particular character. Adults considered the act of collecting dolls as an artistic hobby. Children use this model to play with their friends or when they’re alone. This item is also popular for religious people as they use this item when performing a religious act. Traditional dolls can be found in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, and are usually made from wood and clay. It documented the initial doll in Rome, Greece, and Egypt during the ancient civilization.

As mentioned, the traditional dolls are usually made from wax, leather, ivory, bone, wood, stone, clay, or a combination of these materials. According to archeology, dolls are the oldest thing that was considered being a toy. During the 21st century BC, some wooden paddle dolls were placed in the Egyptian tombs. Dolls that come with removable clothing and movable limbs were found way back in 200 BC.

Archeologists found clay-made Greek dolls with articulated shoulders and hips. Stuffed animals are rag dolls that are popular during ancient times. But sadly, any sample of this ancient item have not survived. Way back in 100 AD, the ancient female Greeks tend to use dolls for a play.

Just like the young children in this present time, children during the Roman civilization used to dressed their play dolls following the trendiest fashion. In Rome and Greece, boys are required to offer their toys to the gods upon the age of puberty. For girls, they are required to release their dolls and offer it to the goddesses upon their marriage. Rag dolls are the initial play doll that is made from cloth material and was discovered way back 300 BC.

As mentioned, the traditional dolls are considered to be the playthings of the ancient people. But, many people believed that they also have a ritual, magical, and spiritual value. There is no notable line that makes toys and dolls differ from each other. Ancient people believed that the dolls used for any ritual or religious act should be dedicated to children. In some cultures, people considered dolls to be magically enabling young children to play with them when they are alone.

Dolls’ heads that are made from porcelain featuring a body made from wood, cloth, leather, or a combination were discovered way back to the 19th century. Because of technological innovation, dolls nowadays are made from plastic and polymer materials. From the start of the 20th century, dolls are made from plastic or/and porcelain. During the mid-20th century, vinyl is used for doll creation. Synthetic resins, which include polyurethane that has the same texture as porcelain, are being used for creating collectible dolls.

Knowing the history of …

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