Why Some Grown-Ups Have Doll Fetishes

Researchers are trying to consider whether or not having a mental disorder is related to people who feel fetish when they see something that’s not meant to arouse their sexual needs. Some people might be living a lifestyle, enabling them to have an interest in something erotic, which includes BDSM (bondage, Dominance, Submission, and Sadomasochism). If you don’t know these things, try to watch the “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

According to Free Meet n Fuck, individuals who develop sexual fetishes by looking at something nude, like dolls, mannequins, and statues, are considered to be agalmatophilia. It also has something to do with “object sexuality” which includes those persons who develop romantic and/or emotional attachments to any animated structures or objects.

This behavior can cause the person to be sexually aroused by imagining himself or herself being a body-shaped object, the sexual act or fantasy with a thought of having a sexual intercourse between themselves and the body-shaped objects, and/or performing actual sexual intercourse between them and the object.

What Causes the Grown-Ups to have Doll Fetishes?

According to research, one of the closest reasons some grown-ups are developing doll fetishes is because of their early sexual experience.

Early sexual intercourse around or during puberty is one of the main reasons why anyone can develop fetishes on something, such as the dolls. When a person started to get obsessed with the nude structures or pictures of a doll, or anything similar at an early age, it can lead to agalmatophilia.

When Your Doll Fetishes Become a Problem

When a person developed an interest in any sexually-related objects – even those that are not, how they are going to satisfy their desires will determine if their behavior is healthy for them or not.

According to the experts, many grown-ups with doll fetishes stay silent and do nothing. On the other hand, others tend to watch pornography that shows their imaginations and interests. Some might develop compulsive usage that is uncontrollable, but this is very rare. Aside from that, other people will look for their potential partners that have the same interest as them.

According to the research made by the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, most individuals who have this kind of sexual interest usually don’t have a mental illness. Researchers claimed that in order for the person with this interest to be diagnosed with a paraphilic disorder, a person should show the following signs;

  • Have a sexual behavior or desire that causes another party to experience death, injury, or psychological distress.
  • Experience personal distressed realizing that their interests are not normal or maybe because of the society’s disapproval.


A person might develop sexual fetishes on something, like dolls and structures, because of their experience. Sexual experiences can affect a person psychologically and/or physically. As a person starts to link their experiences or an object with sexual arousal, that’s the time when an individual starts to develop fetishes.

Take note that fetishes are not related to …

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